Our Top Tiny House Storage Tips

Our Top Tiny House Storage Tips

Living in a tiny house is tempting for a variety of reasons. They are less expensive, more sustainable, and provide more freedom than traditional homes. However, as the name implies, tiny dwellings are quite small. This implies that some inventive solutions are required to guarantee that they are not only habitable, but also comfortable. We’ve constructed several tiny homes and have always included functional storage options. Continue reading for more of our favorite tiny house storage ideas!

Furniture for storage

The utilisation of cabinetry and furniture with built-in storage is without a doubt the most practical and well-known storage trick. Storage sofas, which feature drawers that come out below or a cover that opens into a chest, are popular in Tiny Homes. This chest storage is especially useful for larger, awkwardly shaped goods that would otherwise get in the way. A storage bed is also a good alternative if your tiny house includes a ground level bedroom. Drawers may come out to the sides or from the foot of the bed, depending on your space, and provide a surprising amount of extra storage. It’s ideal for storing extra linen, out-of-season clothing, or other odd items that have nowhere else to go.

Staircase storage

Its unusual to find a loft-style tiny house that doesn’t include storage in the steps; it’s multi-functional, conveniently accessible, and eliminates the need to climb a ladder to get to the loft. They can have drawers, open shelves, cabinets, hanging space, or even an open area to hold a full-sized fridge, depending on the style of your home.

Make use of empty spaces.

Storage may be created practically anyplace with the addition of a few strategically positioned magnets or bars. Install magnetic sheeting on walls or the undersides of shelves to conveniently hang spice jars or knives. Attaching pocket storage or bars to the inside of cabinet doors provide a perfect location for storing chopping boards or hanging strangely shaped objects like pot lids. Don’t forget about the tops of your cupboards. You won’t want to keep everyday goods here, but it does provide plenty of space for essential documents or mementos that you only need once in a while.

Storage that is unique

There is no place for waste when building a Tiny House. The toe-kick in the kitchen is a frequent example. They aren’t generally drawers, but the extra room may make a great difference in a small dwelling. Turn them into drawers with soft padding below (to avoid scratching your flooring) and you’ve got a surprising amount of extra storage for little goods like baking pans or even a feeding station for your pet.

Pull-out racks are an excellent alternative for vertical storage since they may be considerably smaller than ordinary cupboards and stored things are more easily accessible. They’re essential in a Tiny House, whether they hold condiments in the kitchen or amenities in the bathroom.

Furniture that is modular

It might be difficult to design a tiny space to accommodate several functions, but with modular furniture, a room can be altered with a few easy alterations. If you require a desk, a hinged table that can rest flat against a wall when not in use will keep the room open. Extend the kitchen counter to include a sitting area that may serve as a dining table, office workstation, or just extra prep space as needed. Sofa beds may be employed as optional alternative sleeping places, or cushioned storage boxes can be used for even more adaptability. They may be reconfigured into a variety of separate chairs or even another bed, all while offering useful storage space.

Storage on the wall

Hanging storage brings out the country chic. Pots and pans, utensils, and tea towels may be conveniently accessible by placing hooks or a bar onto a wall. Fruit may be stored in hanging baskets while adding a splash of colour. And who doesn’t appreciate hanging plants? They can assist to offer much-needed foliage without taking up valuable bench or floor space.

Organization is essential.

Making the greatest use of each and every room, as well as keeping your house tidy and practical, is critical. Clear, labelled containers with draw separators are lifesavers for finding whatever you need. Baskets are a great method to hide stray objects while keeping them conveniently accessible. Consider what goods you use every day and place them in convenient areas as you load each space.

Tiny house living is all about relieving stress, but when crowded, tiny rooms may soon become overpowering. Implementing these small home storage solutions will assist to guarantee that this does not occur, and instead of spending all of your time cleaning, you will be able to return to your Tiny Home fantasy as stress-free as possible.

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