The Best Way to Get Personal space in a Tiny home Tiny Home interior

The Best Way to Get Personal space in a Tiny home

Tiny Home living has numerous advantages, including lower living costs and improved sustainability. However, if you reside with somebody else, you may be required to make one sacrifice: privacy. With everyone living in the same space, it may appear inconceivable to get personal space in a tiny house, yet that doesn’t change the reality that we all require it on occasion. So, how much could you do to ensure that you have enough space? You have several options depending on one’s living situation.

Utilize separate living areas.

This process of privacy will be extremely simple when you have a room on the ground floor. All you must do now is make absolutely sure the room has a door. Although if your tiny house has an open floor plan, you can still use different spaces. One person can relax in the lounge while the other sleeps inside the loft bedroom. You’ll have to be mindful of the other person’s presence, but you’ll still be allowed to do completely separate things and give one another the space you require.

Make an outdoor haven.

Whereas your inner living area may be small, your outdoor living space does not have to be. Indeed, many more of our tiny home clients want to add a deck to their home in order to spend more time outside. However, building a deck or designing another outdoor living area is another excellent way to gain privacy. Simply step outside to soak up some rays and enjoy some tranquillity and peace (weather permitting, of course). If a deck isn’t in the cards, all you require are some comfortable seats or a hammock to hang nearby.

Take advantage of various hobbies.

Whenever it comes to tiny living, having pastimes that are separate from the rest of ones family is advantageous. A hobby, especially one that allows you to leave the house, enables you to spend time off from each other and do something you enjoy. Even better if you have classes regularly or a schedule that you must follow so that you are never separated for long periods of time.

Put on some noise-cancelling headphones.

Privacy does not always imply being completely isolated from others. It could be as simple as doing different things while sitting beside each other on the living room sofa. Noise cancelling headphones, on the other hand, will come in handy in these situations. You will not be disturbed with what your partner is doing, and the headphones serve as a signal to not disturb you unless absolutely necessary. Standard headsets are also an excellent choice, but noise cancelling headphones will help to restrict out much more noise, which you will unquestionably enjoy if you have noisy children.


In an open concept tiny house, sound travels quickly, sometimes but all you require is to remain out sight of everyone else. Installing a curtain to block off of the entrance to the loft may not do much to reduce noise, but it is a quick and easy way to add a few extra privacies when needed. With that and noise-cancelling headphones, you could perhaps neglect some other individual is even present.

Don’t always go out as a group.

Because as your companion is will go out to see friends or to see a movie doesn’t mean you have to join them. Why not use that moment to spend a quiet evening in with oneself, in which you can be doing the stuff they do not want to do, such as eating a meal they despise or watching a television show they despise? You’ll get to satisfy your craving, and they’ll get an evening out as well.

Workout to clear your mind.

The despair that can arise from sharing a small space with another person is understandable. While a few hours apart is often required, occasionally as little as thirty min will suffice. Go for a stroll in the fresh air to clear your mind, or sweat out your frustrations with a short training session. You’ll be doing your physical and mental well-being a massive favour, and ones partner will appreciate the fact that you’re not venting on them.

Communication, communication, communication

Communicating effectively with your family and friends also will make a significant difference. You may have put on your headphones, but your companion keeps interrupting you. Or maybe you just want some alone time even though you’re together. The only way they’ll know is if you’re open and tell them what you need right now. Of course, you must reciprocate with a similar level of comprehension.

Plan ahead of time for your privacy.

The best way to ensure you have the privacy you require is to plan ahead of time. Set aside a specific amount of time every week or month for personal time. At this point, anyone can choose to spend their time alone or pursue a hobby. With these planned ahead of time, you can substantially decrease the likelihood of a conflict arising after a prolonged period of time with somebody.

Privacy in a small house can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Trying to implement these strategies as quickly as possible could indeed help reduce the likelihood of a later blow up. Otherwise, it’s only a short amount of time once you recognise how crucial privacy is for both children and adults. Ensuring that everyone has regular access to some form of privacy will make your tiny living experience more pleasurable for everyone.

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